Thank You!

  • I would like to thank everyone for the goodie box especially the ruler. I was in need of one and before I was printing a paper version off the internet.  I appreciate all the kindness and effort everyone puts into making these goodie boxes.  It’s nice every semester looking forward to receiving a package in the mail.  Thanks again for everything
    Bobbi Jo Jennings
  • Sending love and a hello to all and thanks for the goodie box – I love it all.
    Bill Utsch
  • I'm honored to receive the goodie box and am greatly touched by it. I most like the popcorn and power bars!
    Dan Ruggiero
  • I loved the cookies, brownies, and cereal bars. I miss you all and am excited to come back to the choir.
    Danny Hilton
  • Thank you for the goodie box. Since I am an “older” student, it certainly was not expected. This semester I am taking my most difficult class and the goodies are a nice break from the work.
    Ann Ott
  • Thank you for the goodie box. Being back at school has been an interesting challenge.
    Todd Ott